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To contribute to informing persons afflicted with Lymphoma as well as those close to them by offering clear, accurate and accessible information on the disease and on the progress made with regard to treatment and research.To support persons affected by Lymphoma as well as those close to them in order to help them live with the disease.

To foster exchanges and sharing of experience amongst patients.

Lymphoma Coalition Europe


LC, a worldwide network of lymphoma patient groups, was formed in 2002 and incorporated in 2010 with the express purpose of facilitating lymphoma patient organisations around the world to form a community that could support one another’s efforts in helping patients with lymphoma receive the care and support needed.

The need for a global coalition was recognised as a way of helping lymphoma organisations share resources, best practices, and policies and procedures. In addition, the need for a central hub of consistent as well as reliable current information was recognised. With this in mind, four lymphoma organisations started the LC. Today, there are 66 member organisations from 44 countries.

TheirMission is to:

  • Be the global source for lymphoma facts and statistics
  • Improve awareness and understanding of lymphomas
  • Build capacity for new and existing lymphoma groups.

The Lymphoma Coalition Europe (LCE) is the first regional branch of the Lymphoma Coalition (LC) created in 2015 to work more closely with LC European members (35 patient organisations in 27 countries) and European partners, focusing on issues of regional interest. Collaboration with ELI started in 2016.