Steered by international specialists in Lymphoma and its subtypes, the Lymphoma Hub provides the latest treatment options, medical information, case studies, recommendations, and expert opinions. The Lymphoma Hub supports community haematologists and oncologists in making informed treatment decisions and ensuring patients have access to the latest therapies available.

Our mission is to provide up-to-date, practical, clinical advice to community haematologists and oncologists seeking treatment options for lymphoma and its subtypes, to improve the lives of patients.

ELI organises national and international training sessions for health professionals:

  • Specialisation in the pathology, its diagnostic and management by haematologists and oncologists
  • Awareness with respect to haematology for doctors in training
  • Specific management on the part of care professionals
  • Training in clinical research for specialists
  • News on research for researchers…

The aim of ELI is to, through these activities, provide homogeneous knowledge of lymphoma and treatment, at all levels of intervention.